10 Ways That You Can Help

You can always join the group to get more involved. If you are interested in helping but not interested in joining the group there are several ways that you can help us:
1) refer possible members
2) spread the word about the group
3) loan us a venue or offer one to us to use at a discounted price
4) make a cash or paypal donation to help the group with their ambitious causes
5) donate something of value such as a product or a gift certificate for us to use to auction off or to use as a prize incentive.
6) lend us your ideas on fundraisers
7) lend us your ideas on possible Un-Birthday Parties.
8) donate supplies such as office paper, postage stamps, and business envelopes.
9) publicity the more publicity the group has the bigger the impact.
10) we are looking for bands/dj's that would play for free or for a low low cost.