Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fundraising; A Mad Un-Birthday Tea Party Topic

An Un-birthday is best with a tea party =) East-West Crossing Books Teas and Folks Arts seemed like the perfect place to have a tea party. Their website boasts you can "pamper yourself with a three-course tea service, beginning with Citrus Salad and freshly baked scone, along with your choice of teas. Next feast on a selection of savory treats, such as mini-quiche, vegetable tarts, & cucumber tea sandwiches. End with a tray of dessert dainties, from gourmet treats such as mini-eclairs, fruit tort, fresh fruit, cheesecake bites, or gourmet chocolates.Your tea will be refreshed endlessly, so that you can linger over the many flavors of a delightful afternoon with friends." If you think that sounds wonderful you are exactly right, it was wonderful indeed. With the group getting new members all the time there is always a new face at the events. Meeting new members and enjoying such a wonderful afternoon with great conversation, tea, and dainty delights was more than lovely.

I discussed with the group my intention of writing letters asking for donations to the local businesses in State College to help us with a number of events that I have stewing and brewing on my mind that I would like to make happen. The group welcomed the idea and I took action mailing out 70 letters and still counting. A few have sadly come back but things are looking up since the group received an e-mail from Rita's Ice letting us hold meetings there and offering a 10% discount when we do. It's not much but its a nice start anyway. I intend to take them up on that when the fair weather arrives =)

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