Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's The Un-Birthday Group?

The Un-birthday group is a new community group for women 21-35 that are mostly new to State College (some members are originally from state college).
State College, PA being home of the Pennsylvania State University Main Campus (University Park) has a way of attracting people from all over. When you are new to State College it can be difficult to meet new people that are interested in meeting new people especially when the town seems to revolve around the university and you aren’t affiliated with the school at all aside from being the girlfriend of a student (which is my case). My case however is not the only one involved here; some members do in fact attend the university which happens to be a wonderful campus (my boyfriend is enjoying his educational experience with no complaints so far).
 The Un-birthday Group takes the work out of finding people and skips the "do you maybe want to hang out sometime" and the pain of trying to decide what to do, when, and where. We meet and have parties when it's not anyone's birthday hence the "Un-Birthday" part of the group. There is some reference to Alice in Wonderland but I feel it's more of a mix of an Un-birthday with the Joy Luck Club. Most of the members including myself (the founder) are looking for a way to branch into the community. The group now has almost 50 members and is starting to look into doing some community fundraising to benefit non-profits here in State College.  Once you get more than 10 members it seems almost pointless not to do something constructive with our woman-power like try to raise funds for the community. So we have started to try to find ways to increase our funding and able to achieve all of our goals. At this point we have a few things lined up. To see where we go with our woman power, follow us here on our first blog and on twitter =)

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